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Popular Caprimo Cappuccino from Switzerland

A popular and therefore popular brand for all cappuccino lovers for more than 20 years. Before the production of all cappuccino mixes, this Swiss manufacturer was known for its instant cocoa. To this day, Caprimo Cappuccino is one of the market leaders. With its instant cappuccino mixes, the manufacturer also found its way into many coffee machines. Caprimo is strongly geared to the needs of consumers and is always working on optimizing the taste.

Caprimo Cappuccino - Originally a well-known vending machine drink

In 1992, the company MD Foods started the success story of Caprimo Cappuccino. Caprimo was available in countless vending machines and became an international bestseller. The name Caprimo is intentionally derived from the island of Capri, which lies south of the Gulf of Naples.
Just a few years later (1996) AM Foods (subsidiary of Arla Foods) was founded, which now sells the product Caprimo as an instant drink especially for vending and retail. In addition to Caprimo, AM Foods had many other instant drinks in its range.

In 2004, AM Foods was acquired by the Barry Callebaut Group, now headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland). This is where the different Caprimo flavors like (mint, caramel, Irish, vanilla and other chocolate flavors) were actually born, as we have them in our shop.

Buy Caprimo Cappuccino - super tasty varieties

The spectacular cappuccino varieties from Barry Callebaut are a real classic. It consists of a classic cappuccino blend with a delicate chocolate aroma, delicious vanilla, chocolate mint, caramel and Irish. There is also an inexpensive topping powder. The Caprimo brand is internationally known to this day and is enjoyed in many countries. With its moderate amount of coffee and its tempting milk froth, it is a perfect companion for the whole day and for the whole family. Test the delicious varieties of Caprimo Cappuccino and see for yourself.

What's in the delicious instant powder?

Thanks to the well-known spray-drying process, the cappuccino powder has an ideal consistency. It is very free-flowing and easy to portion. Its yield is remarkable. The actual mixture is a balanced composition of skimmed milk powder, glucose and coffee powder. The dry portion of coffee is about 7 to 8% for all cappuccino products. Since the Caprimo Cappuccino is wonderful to stir by hand, it is also ideal for private use. The classic cappuccino in particular impresses with its delicate, chocolaty taste. Incidentally, all Caprimo cappuccino mixes are ideal for vending machines.

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