Who is Kaffee-Fee

Who is Kaffee-Fee?

We love coffee!
Hello, we are Marcus and Anja from Kaffee-Fee. The company headquarters is in Maastricht/Netherlands and we share an office in Germany to ensure you receive reasonable German support in this country!

You can currently find more than 270 different coffee products in the shop. We strive to ship quickly and always answer any questions you ask us. Most of our customers want to know when their delivery will arrive. And we can understand that 100%. When we run out of coffee, we want more as quickly as possible. Since we are at the source, we want you to be well looked after too.

The coffee you order always leaves the warehouse fresh. However, if a delivery does not meet your requirements, please let us know so that we can improve our service.

We once started with large packs of coffee pods and delivered them to the German region. Now we want to supply all of Europe with coffee. Even some islands are on board. We are proud to delight you with a range of over 270 well-known and delicious types of coffee from over 30 coffee manufacturers.
Here's to a special cup of coffee :)