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Coffee in Germany - modern peace pipe

For us Germans, coffee has a very special meaning. Coffee as a faithful companion can be enjoyed extensively at any time of the day. In many moments, coffee is used as a modern peace pipe to create a connection with other people. Even in new encounters, coffee is often used as a barrier-breaker. The way to get to know each other is thus free, and at least you can cultivate a common hobby. The pastime with delicious coffee!

And by the way, coffee is much more popular than beer. It may also be due to the fact that coffee can be drunk all day without hesitation. Many studies currently point out very clearly that the consumption of coffee in certain amounts is rather health-promoting. If you would like to learn more about it, you can find out more about coffee for our health here.

It is due to its great popularity that today many small coffee roasters provide us Germans with the best coffee. And in all possible variations. Good coffee has its price. In addition, there is fair trade, which has been a priority for some time. The large center of many popular coffee roasters can be found in Hamburg. As a Hanseatic city, Hamburg is the place where most of the food in Germany is imported anyway.

Which major coffee manufacturers and coffee brands are there in Germany?

The list would go on forever if all the coffee roasters were listed here. In Hamburg alone there are several dozen. Some coffee brands are owned by only one manufacturer. Under the large umbrella of Darboven there are several popular coffee brands such as: Idee Kaffee, Eilles, Café Intencion, Alberto and Alfredo. Since these coffee brands are still very large, they are also listed here individually. At this point I would like to add that we have almost all well-known coffee brands ready for delivery in our shop.

  • Jacob's coffee
  • Dallmayr coffee
  • Melitta coffee
  • Alberto Coffee
  • Padinie's coffee pods
  • Minge's coffee
  • Coffee Idea
  • Eilles Kaffee
  • Grubon Cappuccino
  • Milk food
  • Café Intencion
  • Aldi
  • Tchibo
  • Eduscho

These are the largest coffee roasters in Germany

  • Jacobs
  • Dallmayr
  • Melitta
  • Darboven (idea coffee, Eilles, Café Intencion, Alberto and Alfred)
  • Tchibo
  • Eduscho
  • Aldi

Aldi - cheap coffee from the discount store

Even our indispensable food discounter Aldi runs its own coffee roasting plant and is very successful internationally thanks to its huge chain of stores. The roastery is located in Mülheim an der Ruhr and in Ketsch. Aldi also attaches great importance to the quality of the coffee, from the cultivation to the cup of coffee.

How big is the coffee market in Germany?

The following information is from here is the direct link:

Revenues in the coffee segment will amount to around €19,847m in 2022. According to the forecast, a market volume of €20,728 million will be reached in 2025; this corresponds to annual revenue growth of 1.46% (CAGR 2022-2025). How much coffee do Germans consume?

The per capita consumption of coffee in Germany recently totaled around 164 liters per year, making coffee the most popular hot drink among Germans.16.11.2021