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Lavazza coffee and espresso from Italy - the celebrity

This Italian coffee is known to almost all coffee lovers. The maker of this fine coffee, based in Northern Italy, started out as a small specialty shop. With love and discipline, this small business became a top-class coffee company. Lavazza sells handpicked coffee and espresso with a top recipe in the 4th generation worldwide. Anyone who has drunk Lavazza will remember its incomparable aroma forever. Lavazza coffee is one of our most popular types of coffee. The strict guidelines and controls for maximum enjoyment make these Italian manufacturers coffee giants. If you would like to buy the unmistakable Lavazza coffee, simply have it delivered!

Lavazza coffee beans – habit becomes ritual

From the cultivation of the exquisite coffee beans to the delicious espresso, the raw beans pass through dozens of different hands. It is a culturally energetic journey through many wonderful latitudes. The ensouled coffee beans are subject to strict criteria. The giant Lavazza is also characterized by enormous product knowledge, technical innovation and sustainability. Lavazza is known and loved all over the world, not least because of the exquisite Arabica coffee beans, which today account for two thirds of the world's coffee production.

Lavazza and its signature Arabica coffee beans

The Arabica plant itself is relatively delicate and requires intensive care. Compared to the Robusta plant, it is lower in fat and has a milder acid content. The optimal habitat of this well-known and beloved Arabica plant is at an altitude of approx. 600 to 2000 m. The quality of the raw beans increases at higher altitudes of up to 2000 m.

The Lavazza coffee company at a glance

The large Italian company that has been pursuing its corporate vision with passion and tenacity for over 100 years is now in its fourth generation. The company was founded in 1895 as a retail store at the foot of the Alps in Piedmont. The well-known place borders on France and Switzerland. The gigantic turnover of currently over 2 billion euros per year allows us to look back on a success story that is second to none. All Lavazza espresso lovers around the world are spoiled with millions of delicious cups every day. The number of employees is around 3800 employees worldwide. As in many other coffee manufactories, it was roasted and sold for the first time through a small retail shop. In 1927, the small shop became a small, stately company. In 1989 Lavazza developed the first capsule coffee machine. This innovative development is finding its way into all offices worldwide. The essential coffee capsule is born.

Lavazza, like many other large coffee companies, had made it its mission to support regional harvest communities in the long term. It's about improving local economies, better cooperation in the communities (school, working conditions) and optimizing environmental protection.

Lavazza coffee crema offers and more - we have a large range

On Lavazza products alone, we pride ourselves on having over 30 types of coffee. The most popular is still the full-bodied Lavazza coffee crema collection with its classic Italian charm. The Lavazza coffee pods are also often in demand. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Delicious popular Lavazza coffee varieties

In the coffee shop you will find great Lavazza varieties at fair prices. Here is an overview of the varieties that are available here in the shop:

  • Lavazza Crema coffee offers
  • Lavazza Qualita coffee offers
  • Lavazza Expert Coffee Offers
  • Lavazza coffee pads and other delicious espresso, Gusto and Tierra offers