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Jacobs Kaffee - German coffee maker with the pampering aroma

The coffee manufacturer Jacobs has been one of the popular brands among coffee connoisseurs since 1859. This year the founder Johann Jacobs opened his specialty shop with coffee, tea and chocolate in the Hanseatic city of Bremen. In 1982 the company merged with the Swiss company Interfood AG. A few years later this was sold to Kraft Foods in 1990 for personal reasons. The brand has been part of the well-known coffee giant Douwe Egberts since 2015.

Jacobs coffee beans - where do the coffee beans come from?

Most of the coffee beans from Jacobs come from Brazil, Colombia and Vietnam. These regions at different altitudes, with different environmental influences, provide the multi-layered taste that has been known as a pampering aroma for generations. The containers with the coffee beans come to Germany several times a month for further processing. Thanks to modern technology and a long tradition, the unmistakable Jacobs taste is created. Yes, a Jacobs connoisseur will immediately taste this coffee among many coffee brands. Most Jacobs lovers have been loyal customers for many years and usually without compromise. It is very difficult to convince Jacobs lovers of other brands. You don't lean out the window to say that Jacobs has set a global benchmark for coffee enjoyment.

Buy Jacobs coffee - great selection of coffee products

The spectrum of coffee creations is wide. As with other coffee giants, the range extends from coffee beans, filter coffee, coffee pods, coffee capsules and instant coffee. The classic Jacobs Krönung with its different degrees of roasting and taste nuances is particularly popular. The full-bodied Jacobs Barista creation was a real success. We have all the creations by Jacobs Krönung and Jacobs Barista in our shop. The crema variations are also known and popular. Have a good cup of coffee!

JACOBS Barista Editions

Are you one of the Jacobs lovers and not yet familiar with the Barista collection? Then give yourself a nudge and try these gently roasted editions with coffee beans from the best growing regions. Take your passion for coffee enjoyment to a new level. The Crema Edition by Jacobs Barista is gently and finely roasted in the drum roaster and given a hint of citrus aroma. Pamper yourself and your loved ones.

Quality assurance through constant controls

When it comes to tradition and experience, Jacobs is at the top of the manufacturer's list. Thanks to many years of experience in the roasting process from the coffee bean to the cup of coffee, Jacobs is a master class for us as a coffee seller. The selection of exquisite coffee beans from different growing areas through to the gentle long-term roasting process creates a soulful, multi-layered taste that is second to none.

Fair production based on the win-win principle

The view of sustainable production has long since arrived at Jacobs. In addition to strictly controlled quality assurance, the large manufacturer also focuses on the principle of fairness. A lion's share of coffee production guarantees fair trade with safeguards for the harvest farms and more environmentally friendly coffee cultivation.