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Italian coffee for coffee connoisseurs

Delicious coffee for fully automatic machines and filter coffee with Italian tradition - coffee from Italy The major manufacturers include the following brands:
  • Lavazza coffee
  • Segafredo coffee
  • Illy coffee
  • Caffè de Roccis coffee
  • Carraro coffee
  • Bristot coffee
  • Caffè Wahrano 1882 coffee
  • Kimbo coffee
  • Pellini coffee
Even if coffee did not find a home in Italy until the 17th century, it was the birthplace of espresso. By the way, the exact translation of the word espresso is 'expressed'.

Italian coffee for fully automatic machines

Here in the shop you will find dozens of coffee beans for your fully automatic coffee machine. Click here on this link and view the Italian coffee for fully automatic machines. The choice of coffee beans is a top priority for Italian manufacturers. The complex taste properties of fine beans are the cornerstones of full-bodied Italian coffee. Thanks to centuries of the art of roasting, a very special taste orchestra has emerged. Anyone who knows and has tried some of the Italian coffee brands knows about the original Italian character of coffee beans. The roasting is usually done with a mix of Arabica and Robusta. The full-bodied, strong taste comes from the robust bean. Arabica beans are preferred for fine, mild roasts with fewer bitter substances.

Briefly on the history of Italian coffee

Although the Italian coffee culture is highly valued and is now part of the lifestyle of many Italians, it was not until the 17th century that it developed your spirit in Venice. After the Thirty Years War in 1648, the first coffee house was built in the beautiful city of Venice. This was the beginning of a fantastic story in Italy. Coffee, as well as espresso, found an honorable home here. To this day, caffè is a national drink and is also shipped all over the world. However, many of the major manufacturers first emerged in the 20th century. Pellini, for example, will celebrate its centenary in 2022.

Buy Italian coffee at fair prices

In our shop you have access to over 50 different coffee varieties that are made in Italy. We have a compilation of well-known and popular brands especially for gourmets. We wish you a joyful enjoyment with an Italian spirit.
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