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Swiss coffee - lots of small roasters

Switzerland has many small, established roasters. There are over 130 small to medium-sized roasters that have the fascinating art of roasting. Most of you buy your coffee beans from larger manufacturers at wholesale prices. Only a few of them act independently as manufacturers and produce like the big ones in highland areas.

However, it is crucial that all roasters have developed their own unique flavor. Similar to breweries, there is so much to discover. During a stay in Switzerland, it is always worth making an excursion to such cozy roasting houses.

Mövenpick is classic coffee from Switzerland

Mövenpick is a large and well-known coffee manufacturer from Switzerland. In Germany, we know Mövenpick not only as a coffee producer, but also as an ice cream maker. Most people associate the name Mövenpick with a noble brand and exquisite products. Exactly this vision was originally implemented by the founder Mr. Prager and has now existed for over 70 years. Mövenpick has been firmly established worldwide for many years and protects its good reputation with high-quality raw materials and technical advances. Read more about Mövenpick here.

Swiss coffee beans with Schümli

Another special feature of Swiss coffee culture is the term Schümli. The foam on top, what we know as crema, was used worldwide as a marketing term. Schümli is thus an expression of a Swiss recipe. Some manufacturers came up with the clever idea of marketing their own coffee as Schümli. Schümli stands for long, gentle roasting with a great crema. In our shop, 4 manufacturers have a Schümli coffee. They are:

  • Moevenpick
  • Lazarro
  • Minges
  • Cafe Club

All 4 coffee manufacturers have chosen the Swiss recipe as a model and created a low-acid coffee with a great crema. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Swiss coffee to your home

We have a nice range from the manufacturer Mövenpick. The variations are fantastically chosen. There is something delicious for every coffee connoisseur. If you are interested in Schümli coffee, use the search function above and enter 'Schümli'. You get directly to the 4 manufacturers. I am happy to be able to deliver to you and wish you a delicious cup of coffee.