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Buy coffee beans for fully automatic machines - a large selection of delicious coffee

On the left you will find offers for coffee beans from many well-known manufacturers who, in addition to whole coffee beans, also offer filter coffee and coffee pods. Alternatively, you can of course also use the search function above.

Would you like to find cheap coffee beans? No problem! You'll always find the most lucrative coffee bean deals by sorting by price. You will find the settings for this directly below the text. Normally the default setting is already set to 'Price'. Minges coffee beans, which have an excellent price/performance ratio, are particularly popular. Other coffee brands with a very good price/performance ratio are Carraro and Caffé de Roccis. Your coffee beans are only stored for a short time and arrive fresh and delicious when you get to them. Have fun and enjoy wherever you are.

Coffee beans offering from the Coffee Fairy

Coffee is not only the most preferred luxury food in Germany and popular with young and old. If you buy coffee beans from us, you can be sure that manufacturers with a long tradition guarantee perfect coffee enjoyment simply by their name.
Would you like to buy Caféclub Supercreme coffee beans? This results in a coffee based on a Dutch recipe, which is also finding more and more friends in Germany. Check out the Lavazza and Segafredo range of coffee beans. Both companies from Italy have a long tradition and their coffee is always full-bodied in taste, typically Italian. Italian coffee is preferably used in gastronomy. When you order coffee beans that come from Melitta, you get a mild, high-quality, stomach-friendly coffee. The Swiss premium manufacturer Mövenpick is not only known for its delicious ice cream, its coffee tastes at least as good. If you prefer to trust German tradition, you can use our favorite Dallmayr coffee bean offers. You too can enjoy this fascinating hot drink. Whichever variety you choose - our large range of the finest coffee beans gives you the opportunity to find your personal favorite coffee quickly and easily.

Buy coffee beans, experience variety, enjoy aroma Real coffee connoisseurs know that freshly ground coffee best preserves the typical aroma and expresses it in terms of taste. The prerequisite for this is to buy the right coffee beans. A good coffee machine is part of it, but ultimately the quality of the beans is decisive. In order to buy the coffee beans that really suit your personal taste, it is helpful to get some knowledge about the types of beans, their origin, processing and storage. Find out what characterizes coffee in its diversity and why it is so popular with so many. If you now feel like drinking a good cup of coffee, remember to buy the coffee beans from us in good time.

Arabica and Robusta - The most popular types of coffee

There are two main types of coffee that dominate the world market: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is one of the most popular varieties with a market share of over 60 percent. The plant comes mainly from Ethiopia. Based on a caffeine content of one to two percent, the bean is characterized by a mild aroma and is mostly used for filter coffee. Robusta has a share of around 36 percent on the world market and is mainly grown in Vietnam. This type of bean is preferred by lovers of the more intense coffee taste. With two to four percent, the Robusta bean contains twice as much caffeine as the Arabica bean. Cultivation and harvest require less effort and costs in comparison.

From the coffee cherry to the coffee bean - the processing

Coffee cherries are harvested when they are ripe in order to achieve the maximum possible quality during subsequent processing. A handpicked selection is necessary to thoroughly sort out unripe and overripe fruit. The beans are then dried slowly and with constant turning. They must be protected from heat and moisture. Experienced master roasters coordinate different types of beans in their work in order to achieve a balanced and stable quality through harmonious mixtures. In this way, even simpler types of coffee are given a finishing touch and thus offer a perfect taste experience. The roasting process must be slow and gentle to bring out all the trapped flavors. This is implemented, for example, by a drum roasting process.