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Milkfood - food expert from Germany

Milkfood is one of the German manufacturers that not only specializes in coffee products. The international supplier has been shining with a wide range of 'food' since 1987. A short time later, the instant products were added to the portfolio. These instant coffee products include the latte macchiato and the cappuccino (we have both in our range at fair prices). Milkfood supplies the whole world with these coffee products. From a special purchase quantity, the products are sold as white label offers. In this way, larger buyers can act and sell under their own brand.

Milk food latte macchiato

According to some search engines, the Milkfood Latte Macchiato is at the top of Milkfood's wish list. We also have this delicious latte macchiato in our range. We wish you a delicious latte macchiato pleasure. Take advantage of the fair prices in the shop. From a certain quantity in the shopping cart, there is an additional quantity discount.

Milk food cappuccino

The Milkfood Cappuccino is in second place among the popular instant products from Milkfood. It has a small cocoa content and tastes particularly delicious. The cocoa content was very well balanced. It's not too chocolatey. One cappuccino pack makes about 45 cups of delicious cappuccino. The price is impressive. So grab it and enjoy!