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Melitta coffee offer - a German favorite

Real pleasure with a good cup of Melitta Auslese. The coffee manufacturer now has over 100 years of experience and tradition. Melitta Bentz even invented the coffee filter and laid a huge foundation stone with it. With a love for their own product and a spectacular inventive spirit, a remarkable company has emerged that is part of German history. Melitta has a wide range of coffee variants, which makes it easy for the buyer. In addition, there are the popular large packs of 100 XXL coffee pods, which are also available in different roast levels. The management ensures strict controls and thus guarantees the highest quality and the best taste. Our Melitta coffee range includes coffee beans, filter coffee, espresso and coffee pods in different roast levels and variants. Melitta is also known for its Arabica beans and the gentle roasting process with which the acid content is pleasantly low. The coffee is and remains digestible and easier on the stomach than many other coffee products. If you would like to buy Melitta coffee, then simply have it delivered!

Melitta coffee is a real all-rounder

In the opinion of many coffee connoisseurs, the popular Melitta coffee from Bentz is a real all-rounder. Thanks to its closed crema and a full-bodied aroma, it keeps what it promises. The degree of strength is increasingly in the middle range and therefore a real pleasure for the whole day. The rather low acidity thanks to the gentle roasting process is ideal for inexperienced coffee drinkers. Over 90% of Melitta testers are impressed by the Melitta BellaCrema variety. Here, the selection of the year as filter coffee is also very popular with coffee connoisseurs.

Buy Melitta coffee cheaply at the Kaffee Fee

In addition to our large selection of Melitta coffee beans, filter coffee and coffee pods, you as a customer have an attractive volume discount. The discount is applied from as little as 8 packets of coffee beans and 12 packs of filter coffee. Companies and families in particular take advantage of this tempting offer.

Melitta coffee has many varieties

The following sorts are preferred and have a wide range of taste experiences. So there is the right character for every coffee connoisseur: BellaCrema, Barista, Mein Café, Auslese, Bistro and Montana Almost all coffee types from Melitta are available as filter coffee, coffee beans and coffee pods. The 100 Bistro large packs are a big hit among the coffee pods.

Melitta coffee beans

Basically, Melitta coffee beans are hand-roasted for the first time in terms of taste and quality. Only after successful testing are the popular Arabica beans gently processed and packaged for sale. Melitta leaves nothing to chance and thus ensures the highest standard. The lower-fat Arabica beans are harvested in various countries in South and Central America as well as in Asia.

Melitta filter coffee

Among the filter coffees, classics such as Melitta Harmonie, Auslese and Selection of the Year are particularly popular. These Arabica blends are full-bodied and full of character despite their moderate degree of strength and low acidity. With Melitta coffee you make every coffee connoisseur happy, no matter what time of day!