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Café Intención - Enjoyment to the best of one's conscience

Established since 1993, the J.J.Darboven brand has made great strides when it comes to relationships with small farmers. Ever since the company was founded, the conditions have been optimized and awarded for the benefit of all those involved. With the Fairtrade coffee seal, the company takes full responsibility and ensures its own fair global trade. Anyone who buys and enjoys this coffee supports this company with a clear conscience. To a good cup of coffee!

Café Intención Ecológico - fair trade with a view to the future

Fair trade with a view to a greener and safer future was already established at Darboven in 1993. For more than 30 years, the focus has been on a fair economy with regard to the value chain. Everyone in the value chain, from the farmer who grows the coffee and harvests the raw beans by hand to the end consumer who uses serious calculations to pay a fair and respectable price for the fair trade coffee.

Café Intención Ecológico meets all the requirements to fulfill this noble task. Using the code attached to the packaging, everyone can track where the coffee comes from and which way it went to your hot, delicious cup of coffee. It couldn't be more transparent, right?

By the way, the Fairtrade seal stands for fair trade and the associated green view of our future. This seal cannot be bought and is therefore awarded to those who meet all the requirements for it. If these conditions were easy to fulfill, everyone would probably have these seals. The following basic requirements must be met 100%:

Ethical requirements:
  • Working conditions are regulated
  • Democratic communities within the organization
  • No child labor
  • No discrimination
Environmental protection:
  • Pesticide ban
  • Resource protection
  • Environmentally friendly cultivation
  • Ban on genetically modified seeds
Economic standards:
  • Minimum wage for farmers
  • Transparent money flow
  • Transparent trading
  • Compliance with all guidelines to continue using the seal

Support social projects with Café Intención

By the way, with the purchase of Café Intención Ecológico you also support meaningful and important social projects. This creates added value not only for the local farmers. The social projects extend the added value to people in need.

Organic as a sign of respect for our nature

Organic is now the word used as a weapon against manufacturers who have not yet embraced the green view of the future. For decades, this word has stood for Café Intención Ecológico as a visionary direction for a beautiful and fair world for everyone. In order to do justice to the word, all kinds of guidelines must be fulfilled during production. Every single step up to the cup of coffee has to be carefully observed and documented. This is the only way that production according to the organic standard can be correctly checked. It goes without saying that organic is more complex and therefore more expensive than products that are not manufactured according to this standard.

Thanks to some manufacturers, including Café Intención, this vision has also been transferred to many people. The consumer pays more attention to organic products and thus encourages the manufacturers. This win-win situation is a great upward spiral. More and more manufacturers who meet the organic standard can now offer some products at almost the normal price. In other words. Their products hardly differ in price from non-organic products. Cheers to our future!

Café Intención Espresso and Café Crema

These two evergreens are hits. Whether mild or full-bodied, as filter coffee or coffee beans In our shop you will find both variants at the same price. The mild, gentle Café Intención Crema is ideal for in between. With its great gold-colored crema and its mild, gentle taste, it sweetens the day. Coffee connoisseurs who want it full-bodied and strong are perfectly served with the Café Intención Espresso. It awakens tired spirits and is perfect to start the day. Combined with the morning mantra say hello to the proverbial groundhog :).

Café Intención Pads

Café Intención pods have a fine crema and, like Café Crema, are perfect for the whole day. With 36 pads per bag, Darboven has designed a comfortable size. Please remember our volume discount and benefit from a bulk order.

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We carry the two most popular coffee beans from Café Intención. It's the café crema and the espresso. The demand for filter coffee is also very high. We occasionally sell out. But we keep ordering filter coffee. A fair price is also important to us. We are therefore one of the coffee shops that offer quantity discounts in addition to fair offers. Companies that order by stating their VAT (Umst.ID.) buy from us without VAT. In addition, the coffee tax is not calculated. You can find out more about the coffee tax on the home page. We wish you a good cup of coffee.
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