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Senseo Pods – Senseo the inventor of coffee pods

Senseo is one of 'the' brand names in Germany when it comes to coffee pods. The legendary Pads machine was developed in 2001 and has literally conquered Germany. This invention was contemporary and fitted perfectly into the world view of many coffee connoisseurs, who could also fit a quick cup into their time window. Incidentally, the coffee pad system was developed in conjunction with Douwe Egberts. There are delicious different roasts and flavors, because after all there should be something for all pads lovers. If you want to buy cheap Senseo Pads online, then simply have them delivered wherever you are in Europe!

Senseo Pods - Quality of the raw beans and the roast

The delicious Senseo coffee is made from the best Arabica and Robusta beans. The manufacturer carefully selects the regions of the world where the Senseo coffee beans are grown to ensure the best coffee enjoyment. Coffee cultivation takes place on wide plains or higher altitudes. Senseo cares about sustainable coffee procurement. According to Senseo, it is proud of the fact that all coffee pods manufactured are 100% UTZ certified. So every Senseo lover should be able to buy and enjoy without regrets.

Optimal storage of the Senseo coffee pods

The Senseo Pads are packaged in an aroma-protected manner. You should keep this in mind when storing your pads correctly. It is best to store the coffee pods airtight. Ensure a heat-protected and dry environment. Storage in colder weather It is best to get the special pads storage boxes that meet the criteria mentioned.

Sustainability has no limits - Senseo looking to the future

As the source of our life, our planet should be protected and valued in a sustainable manner. This is how the project 'Planting trees' came into being, which has been running for some time. Thousands of trees are planted with parts of society to set accents. Those who take should also give back in order to do justice to the cycle of life. Senseo also takes this cosmic law seriously. In this way, the habitat of thousands of animals is protected and gets the breeding ground for constant development. Thank you Senseo!

Senseo Pods offer from Holland

We deliver our Senseo coffee pods fresh and delicious directly from the coffee country Holland to you, wherever you are in Europe. As a corporate customer, you can save on VAT and pay the coffee tax yourself. This means that no taxes are charged when you place your order in the coffee shop. We hope you enjoy purchasing your Senseo Pads. Have a delicious cup of coffee!