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Käfer coffee – delicatessen from a good home

The successful cooperation between the traditional Munich delicatessen company and its license partner Minges has produced a coffee variety that is always geared towards the needs of self-confessed coffee lovers. This well-known delicatessen brought, among other things, 2 well-known treats to the international market. It is the Käfer Kaffee Crema Lungo and Käfer Kaffee Espresso Forte. One counts towards the milder and gentle roasts, perfect for all day, the other awakens the tired spirits with multi-layered Artoma. Käfer coffee has made it into many discounter markets and is one of the popular and well-known roasts that are in high demand. According to Google Trends, demand has increased steadily over the past 10 years. As a license partner, Minges has a great deal of experience in the production and marketing of coffee products. The symbiosis of both companies is programmed for success. With the Käfer coffee variations, only every coffee lover can win completely.

Käfer coffee beans - production with a view to the future

This manufacturer is also geared towards fair business with a view to a better future. This means that Käfer coffee is also one of the coffee products that has received multiple positive certifications. Choose between a strong, full-bodied espresso or the traditional, mild Caffè Crema. All phases from the raw bean to the delicious coffee are controlled by specialists to ensure the highest quality and standards. This is guaranteed by constant analysis in our own laboratories. Final air cooling means that the finished packaged coffee has a longer shelf life. With sophisticated gas chromatographic analysis, it was possible to identify more than 800 aromatic compounds from the coffee bean.

The best Käfer coffee offers - Espresso Forte and Crema Lungo

With these two compositions, Käfer Kaffee has made it into many shops. The level of awareness of both roasts rose to a very high level. Käfer coffee with its two roasts is currently being queried an average of 2,000 times a month via Google alone. That's more than many other coffee products from the competition. In the foreground is the contrast of both varieties, which speak for themselves. It is the sensuous, mild and easily digestible variation with a great crema and the strong, full-bodied espresso to start the day.
- Beetle Coffee Espresso Forte
- Käfer Coffee Crema Lungo

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Testing is above studying. You can only win. Both compositions from the traditional house of Käfer can be found here in our shop. Buy your Käfer coffee now and benefit from the volume discount.
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