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Kimbo coffee - Neapolitans with passion

Kimbo Kaffee, a renowned Italian coffee producer since 1963, has made it its mission to spread its Neapolitan coffee at home and abroad. With state-of-the-art technologies and a view of a sustainable, better environment, the manufacturer works with passion and focus for a better future. Part of the manufacturer Kimbo is the preservation of Italian espresso with traditional charm. It is very important to set new standards for coffee connoisseurs, whereby the uniqueness and tradition of the manufacturer should form a common denominator. Neapolitan coffee is rich in nuances and fine, complex differences.

Kimbo coffee beans - Arabica and Robusta beans

The coffee lovers who know Kimbo love these important features. Even before founding Kimbo Kaffee, the Rubino brothers were convinced that quality is the best way to achieve maximum success. This perspective paid off in several ways. The manufacturer already sets very high standards when creating the raw materials. The resulting masterful blends, the traditional roasting according to Italian tradition and the clever packaging made Kimbo coffee a coffee of superlatives. First and foremost, it is the people and their commitment who are responsible for the quality of the coffee.

Especially after many years of hard, perfect work, it is particularly important to the coffee manufacturer to always expand their product range with respect and in the name of Italian tradition. It's not just a business, it's more of a calling!

Kimbo prefers to choose two types of coffee. On the one hand, Arabica coffee beans are used. Despite their intense aroma, they are milder overall. Robusta coffee beans, on the other hand, have a slightly bitter and spicier taste. In addition, they have a higher fat content and higher caffeine content.

The new vending roast at a top price

Kimbo Kaffee's line of products appeals to, or caters to, a wide-ranging audience. It is important to the manufacturer to convince as many coffee lovers as possible with unique roasts. The unique different roasting variants prove the manufacturer right. There is also a special suit of armor sold under the name of Kimbo Vending Audace.

This particular armor used to be found in coffee machines. Consumers now have the opportunity to have this classic, delicious coffee composition delivered to their homes. And at an unbeatable price.

Kimbo is increasingly taking on more responsibility

Kimbo Kaffee is aware of its responsibility. For this reason, Kimbo is also strongly committed to optimally reducing the environmental pollution that occurs during production. To ensure sustainability and environmentally friendly production, Kimbo has created a management system that focuses on protecting our ecosystem and saving energy with great attention. From the cultivation phase of the coffee plants to the packaging of the finished coffee beans, numerous controls ensure perfect quality without regret.

Buy Kimbo coffee - bring a piece of Italy home

Kimbo espresso with the Kimbo Gold roast – the most popular roast

All espresso roasts are unique and extremely delicious. However, it is the Kimbo Gold Edition that is most requested. Most Kimbo connoisseurs are very satisfied with this creation. The new vending roasting, which was previously only available in coffee drinks machines, is on the rise. This mixture is also increasingly in demand. Kimbo Gold is an exquisite roast of the best beans from the best-known growing areas! 100% Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America are harvested there. Mild and perfectly rounded taste with unmistakable Italian flair. Look forward to this great composition!