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Café Aroma coffee pods from Holland

These very popular and readily purchased coffee pods are the fusion of price and quality. As the successor to the well-known manufacturer Favor and Caféclub, Aroma Café has a very good price-performance ratio. Most coffee pods bulk packs (also called mega bags) usually come from one factory.

Nevertheless, these varieties differ in taste. Try these coffee pods. Thanks to the large XXL mega bag, they are ideally equipped for the office. The price of most mega bags is currently under 10ct per coffee pod. All are individually wrapped to seal and protect the aroma. With a few exceptions, we deliver within Europe.

Delicious and fresh, delivered straight to you from Holland!

With the 3 different roast levels mild, dark and classic, there is the right mix for every coffee lover. You can find caffeine-free coffee pods here under the coffee pods bulk packs. We have 2 bulk packs of 100 decaffeinated coffee pods from the Favor and Caféclub brands. Both manufacturers have been known for many years and have very positive references.

For larger orders, from 4 bulk packs of one brand, you already have the first volume discount! From 8 packs you benefit from the 2nd volume discount. Office communities and families in particular are happy about the integrated volume discount. With the Café Aroma brand, you get coffee at a fair price. Please note the coffee tax, which is additionally charged for private orders. As a company stating your tax number, this tax does not apply to this order. We also do not charge VAT. So have fun browsing and shopping in our coffee shop. I'm looking forward to your order and I'm almost in the starting blocks for your shipment, no matter where you are in Europe (except Switzerland).

For a good cup of coffee. Your coffee fairy