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Dallmayr coffee offer

The origins of today's successful company, Dallmayr, go back hundreds of years. The manufacturer's recipe for success lies on the one hand in the selection of exquisite coffee beans from high-lying cultivation areas and on the other hand through their gentle roasting process. Thanks to the long, gentle roasting process, the proportion of acidity and bitter substances is on average lower than that of many other coffee makers. This also makes Dallmayr interesting for coffee connoisseurs who are initially looking for their favorites. Dallmayr coffee is therefore a real all-rounder and is accepted by almost all coffee lovers. The diversity is evident in all the coffee varieties that Dallmayr has in store for its customers. Here is a small selection of popular Dallmayr coffees.

Dallmayr coffees

The following Dallmayr coffees are very popular and are offered in our shop. We have given volume discounts to all types of coffee, especially for those who order a lot. We deliver freshly aroma directly from our warehouse in Holland:
  • Dallmayr Classic filter coffee
  • Dallmayr Prodomo (particularly gentle)
  • Dallmayr Caffè Crema as coffee beans or coffee pods
  • Dallmayr Espresso Intenso (full-bodied and strong)
  • Dallmayr d'Oro coffee beans product range

Dallmayr coffee beans

The complex taste of all Dallmayr coffee beans is due to the selected growing areas. The growing areas are mainly in the South American highland areas. But Ethiopia is also one of the chosen growing areas. The mix of different cultural and ecological areas make the creations from Dallmayr a taste experience in a class of its own. It goes without saying that all of the Dallmayr coffee beans harvested are constantly tested and carefully processed.

Dallmayr coffee pods

Of course, there are also corresponding coffee pods for each product series, all of which are suitable for the Senseo coffee pod machine. They are not to be confused with coffee capsules. With a diameter of approx. 7cm, the coffee pods are specially designed for the Senseo machine and are a delicious, quick number for those who love coffee in a hurry. Coffee pods for the following types for Dallmayr, which are of course also available from the Coffee Fair: Dallmayr Classic / Prodomo, Dallmayr d'oro and Dallmayr Caffè Crema

Dallmayr's history and development

Before the successful company was called Dallmayr, 170 years of business experience preceded it. The global company thus has a company tradition that is over 300 years old. In 1870 the coffee manufacturer got its current name Dallmayr. However, Dallmayr did not start selling coffee until 1930. Since then, Dallmayr has firmly established itself as a global coffee producer and is one of the giants that is currently reaching millions of coffee lovers around the world. Thanks to its gentle roasting process, the proportion of acid and bitter substances is rather lower. Dallmayr is therefore somewhat easier on the stomach than many of its competitors.

Sustainability with a view to the environment

As befits a global corporation, the family company is also building on another crucial pillar. It is the focus on fair trade and environmentally friendly production. The focus on long-term relationships with the harvest farms and regular production controls are marked by quality seals. With great certainty, Dallmary will continue to confirm your view of fair trade and environmentally conscious production through controls and optimizations. Perhaps Dallmayr is also one of the manufacturers who produce large packs of coffee pods in a more environmentally friendly way by doing without individual packaging. We can be curious.