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Buy filter coffee - ground coffee in all roast levels with a large selection

Your coffee fairy has over 35 different well-known, delicious filter coffee varieties ready for you. You can find many manufacturers on the left. You can also list by price in order to find cheap offers. Also try Dutch brands like Supercreme. This coffee brand has an excellent price-performance ratio and is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. The best-selling filter coffee here in the shop is coffee from Dallmayr and Melitta. I wish you a delicious treat, wherever you are.

Filter coffee still the favorite in Germany

Filter coffee is still one of the most popular drinks in Germany. It is still imported to Germany in innumerable tons and has a real tradition. Whether for breakfast, at lunch or in between with friends or family. It is indisputably to be compared with the original peace pipe, which was used earlier by older peoples to connect the circle of society peacefully.

Filter coffee manufacturer from Germany

Of course we also have coffee manufacturers in Germany. Thanks to the fantastic manufacturer suburb, we act like the neighboring country Holland as a well-known coffee exporter. These distinctive manufacturers are among the globally exported and popular brands in Germany.

Coffee brands from Germany:

Many filter coffee offers - trying is better than studying

Did you find your favorite? Browse through the wide range in a relaxed manner and discover your favorites from over 200 coffee varieties and over 40 different filter coffees. All ground coffee offers are marked with the attribute mild, classic or dark. This way you can better select the coffee you want and try it at home. Of course, caffeine-free offers are also available.

Filter coffee with beans from many regions

The different geographical conditions around the world have an enormous effect on the cultivation of coffee beans. The weather conditions in high growing areas are different from those in lower regions. The different weather conditions give the coffee beans their very own character, which has an unmistakable effect on the taste experience. The type of coffee beans also has different ingredients. Arabica beans, for example, are generally less fatty. Take the test yourself and discover the variety of coffee varieties and its unmistakable aroma.