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Pellini Espresso - Arabica combined with Robusta

Anyone who can make a good espresso is truly one of the coffee connoisseurs of our time. These are the characteristics that make a good espresso. The right grinder, the correct operation of the machine, the appreciation of the professional production and the sensual properties of the coffee.

All these factors, which are essential for the perfect espresso, result in a masterpiece of pleasure. With its unmistakable espresso roasts, Pellini Kaffee has made it its task to pass this masterpiece on to the customer. No effort is spared to perfect the offer. For this reason, Pellini coffee was once offered professionally in hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Special training courses for operators in the catering trade were offered via Pellini. This was the support to connect a real barista with the unique espresso. This was the only way the coffee manufacturer Pellini could ensure a balanced, perfect espresso enjoyment for the customer.

Pellini espresso with Pellini no. 9 and Pellini no. 82

Pellini has two incorruptible espresso roasts that combine all these fantastic factors.

  • Pellini Espresso Bean Bar no.82 Vivace
  • Pellini Espresso Bean Bar no.9 Cremoso

The balanced mixture of the milder Arabica beans and spicy Robusta result in a composition that was once only known from cafés. Thanks to retail distribution, Italian espresso is now entering homes and offices. The demand for Pellini coffee beans is constantly increasing and is particularly sought after by companies.

Pellini and their vision of the future

A dedicated Pellini team studies market trends and tendencies. Their strategy is not only linked to growth, but rather to growth through sharing. The desire to share success with all partners and customers involved makes Pellini coffee a modern manufacturer with an eye on a more social future. The sharing concept seems to be worthwhile.

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Bring the Italian dream home and stimulate your senses. Enjoy your espresso as if you were in a beach bar in Italy, with a view of calm and serenity. Take advantage of our volume discounts from 4 packs of the great espresso and have your coffee delivered. To a delicious espresso!