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Schümli coffee - Swiss recipe

What is a Schümli coffee?

Schümli is a typically Swiss name for a coffee crema. A foam crown is desired here, which in Swiss usage is called Schümli (foam is trivialized). The roasting time is generally longer than usual, which makes the coffee gentler. The longer roasting process reduces the acid and bitter content for a stomach-friendly enjoyment.

Schümli coffee beans - beautifully roasted for a long time!

Another advantage is its mild aroma despite its full-bodied taste. The classic Swiss Schümli coffee is prepared under pressure in a piston coffee machine. Of course, there are other recipes that Swiss manufacturers are very reluctant to reveal :). The high number of Swiss roasters (over 130 small to medium-sized roasters) suggests a wide variety of recipes.

Who produces Schümli coffee?

In addition to the well-known manufacturers such as Mövenpick and SCHWIIZER SCHÜÜMLI, there are other coffee manufacturers who produce wholesome, delicious coffee according to a Swiss recipe. Most of these manufacturers are not based in Switzerland and use this art of roasting to develop their very own Schümli coffee. The following coffee manufacturers have a Schümli coffee in their range: (These are also available in our shop)

  • Mövenpick (from Switzerland)
  • Lazarro (from the Netherlands)
  • Café club (from the Netherlands)
  • Minges (from Germany)

Swiss Schümli coffee offer

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